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About this Site

About this Site

Solution Stack

This website is hosted on Amazon Web Services. I launched an EC2 instance (i.e. virtual machine) on AWS running Amazon's own linux distribution. AWS also provides the networking and security required to expose the VM to the Internet. I access the Linux shell using PuTTY. I installed vsftpd, an open-source FTP server for Unix-like systems, for file system access. Tomcat is an open-source web server with JSP capabilities. It compiles and runs my backend code. Recipe and comments data are persisted in a MySQL database and accessed by the JSP code via a JDBC driver. On the client side, JavaScript enables navigation features and a modified version of the W3 CSS framework makes it pretty.

The Database

This is a basic entity-relationship diagram showing the tables in my Recipes schema. I maintain the database using MySQL Workbench over SSH.